i love you more dearly and deeply than you
will ever presume to know.
i hope when my time comes
i've done enough to convince you all
that you are precious and dear.

The people featured on this page are those kindred spirits who've helped
make me who I am today. They've guided my artistry, and they've affected
my life. I'm a better artist and person because of these people.
Some of these people are still with me, yet some have parted ways.
To tell you the truth, I've made some of their lives hell and they've offered
me quite the same. Nonetheless, I am who I am now because of them,
myself being a firm believer tribulation is a blessing in disguise.
I never remove a person's "shout out" once I've added their name here.
If they were once special enough to me to add to my list of beloveds,
they always will be. Some entries I look back upon fondly, and some I
look back upon with a cringe. Some are with me still, some are not.
Some I look back upon as a blessing, some I look back upon as a reminder
of how close I came to disaster. I've promised to remember each and
every one of them, though.

Thus is my page- a commemoration to those I love and once loved,
and a home where I may weave my tapestries undisturbed.

Blessings to all who venture here. Enjoy.

All the flames listed here hold a special place in my heart.
I love them. Some are family, some are friends,
but mostly, they are all dear to me.
You all are my solace, my haven,
and I am eternally grateful to each and every
one of you.


Mom- You are, always have been, and always will be my lighthouse guiding me through stormy waters. Everybody else can't compare to one you. You are my sanity, my salvation, and I will always love you for unconditional love, patience, and wisdom.

Alan- Little brother, you are my joy and hope. You are the face of all my best intentions and hopes for the future manifested.

Stacey- My closest cousin, the same goes for you as with Alan. What makes you special and precious to not only myself, but the world as a whole, is your genuine sincerity, sweetness and unselfish nature. God protects the kind and the meek. Don't ever forget that "meek" is not synonymous with "weak." Your sweetness and gentleness are the masks for which true strength stands behind. Never crumble to what is "cool" and lose that which makes you lovely. You are the face of grace and beautiful just the way you are.

Patricia- Pinky, all of us are grateful to have the eldest of us be as good hearted of a person as you are. You've truly done a tremendous job paving the way of success for our generation, and nobody could have stomached and handled the burden as well as you have. I'm sure great things await you.

Kelly- I see you. All of us see you. You aren't alone and you can't hide from the eyes of those who love you, and I for one love you very, very much. I see so much of myself in you. Please remember this- salvation, like beauty, is only in the eyes of the beholder. We love you just the way you are.

Eric- You are a standing figure in my memories of high school. Thank you for all the fun, the wild adventures, all the rampant excursions, and for being my friend. Good luck in all your endeavors, Rico.

Roya- You're sweet and you're a terrific friend- thank you for having been mine.

Patty- You're genuine and you're fun. What more could I have ever asked for in a friend?

Taisa- Not only art thou guru of HTML, thou art master of Photoshop! Thank you so ever much for lending your talents to whatever project of the moment I decided to work on. Most of all, thank you for being the most loyal friend I have, and that makes you my best friend. Call on me if you need anything, my lines and inbox are always open to you.

Jennifer Shileikis, Johnni Herr, Julikka King, Michelle Slaninova, Jessie- I don't know where any of you are anymore, but the pains of training were eased by your presences. I'll always be thankful for you ladies, and I pray for your happiness.

Ms. Kathy Heintzman- You are the face of grace and patience, the truest teacher I've ever encountered in my life. This gift of mine was seen and fostered by you and patiently coaxed out of hiding by your gentle patience and constant encouragement. Your students are lucky to have you, and I for one am eternally grateful fate had me chance into your classroom at age 16. You see with your heart, and your heart saw me, and only with the confidence you inspired in me was I able to believe I possessed 'the gift of the pen.' The one responsible for my award is you, because you not only had the faith in my skill to nominate me as a candidate for the National Council of Teachers of English competition for writing, but you had paid the attention to an incredibly self-conscious girl that was necessary to spot hidden talent. Most of all, you nurtured my growth, and in doing that, encouraged me to do my best because the last thing I wanted to do was let you down. God bless you and yours for ages to come.

Ruth Bowers- Thank you so much for lending an ear and taking my side when you didn't always know all the details. That period of my life was very hard, but you were a Godsend and helped me maintain my stability.

Terry Wagner- You hold the distinction of truly being the most patient, caring, and open-minded person I've ever met. You were always there to listen when I needed someone to listen. You were my sanity buffer. It meant very much to me, and you taught me the value of patience in a person. Hopefully, one day, I will become more like you and help somebody in the way you've helped me. I'll always remember you for being the one to get through to me that "you need to do what makes you happy." Along with Ruthie, you too, were a Godsend. I don't know what would have happened to me if my boss wasn't as understanding as you were to the tough times I was wading through.

Jack Mayekawa- Oh, Lordy! You are the best person. You're one of my absolute favorite people. I've had much too many lewd laughs with you, but there were days that only you were able to make me laugh. Laughter is joy, and you always brought me that, thus you were joy. It was a pleasure being your employee and friend for the last four years, and thank you for always taking me back.

Sara May Pierce- You were wonderful to talk to during work and I hope life doesn't throw you anymore hurdles for a while. You deserve a nice break. Thanks for dragging me to see the psychic lady, by the way. It was fun!

Rob Johnson- I pray that things are well where you are and I hope you find the lucky lady you so utterly deserve. You Know was written for you.

Muz- You are the definition of sincerity to me. Though we've never met face to face, nobody ever sent me flowers or their favorite toy just to cheer me up. You did that and I was truly touched by your concern. Your friends and family are very, very, incredibly lucky to have you. Out of all those I've listed whom I've lost contact with, you are the one person whom I've never regretted sharing time with. You are my soldier of lightning. All that time I was searching for him I never realized until now that the soldier of lightning at the time was the very person who inspired my creative zenith. "Let us walk from twilight. Let us enter from the west."

Lyman- We just weren't meant to be, but the passion you inspired and shared within and with me was unrivaled. You sucked marrow from my bone, and I loved every moment of it. Such bliss was not meant for this world, though. You were the sidhe that exchanged inspiration to the poet in return for her life. You were not sorrow, however. You were unadulterated and youthful passion, and I'm glad I knew that.

Dave Turner- Thanks for the friendship and the laughs. The poem 'The Painter Lass' was written for you, and only you. I will always look back upon the time spent with you fondly.

Gideon- I love you for having believed in me, my dreams, and my words. I wish it didn't have to be this way. You're not with me anymore, and I pray you'll forgive me for what transpired.

Sean Prince- Thank you for Nelly Furtado, and thank you for the vision of midnight snow in Oklahoma fields.

Dave Saraiva- You are pure in intent and unselfish to your veins. You're a sweetheart, for lack of a better word. You also deserved someone better than me. God bless you.

Alarid, I'll love you forever.

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