Every poem written,
and every song sung,
with every dream remembered.

The poetry posted on my page is not my
best work. I did not choose the "best"
poems to post to impress people. What I
did was choose the poems that best depicted
my growth over the years. Each poem marks
either a different style I decided to try,
or a highlight in my life that inspired me
to make such poetry. These aren't the best
poems, but they're the ones most important
and precious to me.

I have often been known to say that heaven
is a place where my lost poems go. Truly,
my poetry is not just an art to me, but the
method of storytelling I choose to tell the
story of my life.

If you read carefully, you will see my story.


Concerning all things written

Unless credited to somebody else, all written works are of my own personal creation.
Reproduction of any written work presented here without the author's prior
permission is strictly prohibited. Those who are artists will understand well that
theft of creative work is much akin to theft of identity. I ask all that venture
here to not just respect my claim to my creations, but all other artists' claims
to their works. This is our life. Without the experiences we gather from our lives,
there would be no art. Thus, taking credit for art that is not yours is not much
different from taking credit for a lifetime's worth of pain and joy that was not your own.

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